Student Life

Student Life

Spiritual Life

We are a Christian school, and as such, the discipleship of the spiritual lives of our students is a top priority. We integrate Biblical principles throughout our curriculum and promote a Biblical worldview throughout the school day and during school activities.

As a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, GBA works closely with the church pastoral team and our faculty and staff work together to speak into the lives of our students through multiple avenues of discipleship.

In our weekly chapels, God’s Word is preached by pastors and the school administration and staff. These chapels help focus our students’ minds and hearts on the Word of God and on a biblical worldview.

Bible classes are an integral part of our curriculum. Secondary Bible classes are taught by the pastoral staff of Grace Baptist Church.

While the school administrator serves as the academic counselor and advisor for the student body, all school and staff members provide spiritual counsel to students and their families as needed. Opportunities range from quick conversations with parents as students are dropped off and picked up to longer student-teacher and parent-teacher conferences as needed. Staff members regularly eat lunch with their students, offering informal times of fellowship and counsel. 

Athletic Program

Just as “Jesus increased in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man,” we believe that athletic competition offers opportunities for the growth of our students in all areas of their development. To this end, we offer a competitive athletic program for students in seventh through twelfth grades in varsity girls’ volleyball, varsity boys’ flag football, and both girls’ and boys’ varsity basketball.

GBA participates as a member of the New Mexico Christian Athletic Association (NMCAA). Whenever possible, competitive junior-varsity and/or junior-high competition is also offered in these sports.

Fine Arts

In an effort to help students develop life-long skills that they can use throughout their lives, Grace Baptist Academy requires that all students participate in our fine arts program.




Our kindergarten students in both the four-year-old and five-year-old classes participate in our annual all-school Christmas program. These students also play a role in the kindergarten graduation program held each May.

Art class is also a regular part of the kindergarten schedule.

Grades 1-6



All elementary students enrolled at Grace Baptist Academy participate in our weekly music program and perform in two programs during the year: Our all-school Christmas program and a spring program. Participation may also involve speaking parts in these programs.

Art classes are held each week for all elementary students.

Grades 7-12



Students in seventh through twelfth grade are required to be member of our secondary choir, performing a variety of numbers at the annual Christmas program.

These students are also expected to participate in our fine arts competition held each spring, generally competing with other schools in a variety of competition categories in music, art, speech, preaching, and Bible teaching at the Southwest Christian Student Arts Festival held in Arizona.

Further opportunities for developing skills in drama are available to those students who participate in the annual secondary spring play.

Secondary students may also be enrolled in an art class as their schedule permits and if they so choose.

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