Our Curriculum

We believe that our curriculum entails not just the textbooks that we use but every aspect of our program.  In addition to textbooks, curriculum includes our programs, music and speech selection, athletics, teachers, etc.

Our primary textbook sources are A Beka Book and BJU Press.  It is our goals to used textbooks produced by Christian publishers whenever possible.


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School begins Thursday, August 12, 2021


Updated: June 21, 2021

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A printable 2021-22 School Calendar is available here. (Please note that some dates are subject to change.)


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June 21, 2021


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Recent Events

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Updated:  June 21, 2021


A Beka Book

The Core of Our Curriculum

The core of the textbook curriculum used at Grace Baptist Academy is published by A Beka Book, a ministry of Pensacola Christian College, Pensacola, Florida.


The A Beka curriculum is used almost exclusively in our kindergarten through fourth grades and provides the foundation of our English and foreign language and history courses through the twelfth grade.


As stated on their website, "A Beka Book provides Christian schools and homeschools with outstanding curriculum and textbooks built on a foundation of academic excellence and Christian character training. Schools and homeschools benefit from our treasury of textbooks and teaching materials that reflect the very best in traditional education, comprehensive curriculum, and eternal truths."


Learn more about A Beka Book by visiting www.abeka.com.


BJU Press

Math Grades 5-11; Science Grades 7-12

Beginning in grade 5, our mathematics program switches to the BJU Press, Greenville, South Carolina.  BJU Press materials integrate Biblical truth with academic excellence to develop critical thinking skills and love of learning.  BJU Press mathematics textbooks are used through senior-high Algebra I, Algebra II, and Geometry.


Beginning in grade 7, our science classes utilize BJU Press textbooks for Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, Biology, and Chemistry.


Learn more about BJU Press by visiting www.bjupress.com.



Additional Textbooks

From time-to-time, textbooks from other Christian publishers such as Switched on Schoolhouse, School of Tomorrow, or others may be used.  If no suitable Christian textbook is available, another textbook may be used, though biblical principles and content will always be integrated within the classroom.


Distance Learning and Dual Enrollment

All students are expected to fulfill New Mexico's graduation requirements, including earning a minimum of one credit through a distance-learning, dual-enrollment, or AP course.  Qualifying courses are chosen by the student and parents and must be approved by the administration of Grace Baptist Academy.  All costs associated with these courses are the responsibility of the parents and/or students and are not covered by the tuition or fees paid to GBA.






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