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Our alumni regularly report that they were well-prepared for the next endeavors of their lives, whether it be entering college or entering the work force.


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Updated:  June 21, 2021


Does Grace Baptist Academy adequately prepare our graduates for post-high-school?  Read what some of our alumni have to say.


I attended Grace Baptist Academy from third through twelfth grade. The school gave me a quality education while providing me with academic, social, and spiritual growth. These attributes were successfully proved by the time I graduated as I became a member of the American Association of Christian Schools, and the Daughters of the American Revolution.


Fine arts are not necessary to have a successful school, but Grace finds importance in involving students in drama and music. Choir concerts, school plays, and fine arts competitions helped me develop a specific love for music. Although I now understand the difficulty of having fine arts programs, I am forever thankful for the encouragement I received to achieve musical excellence.


Grace also knows the importance in students growing in their social relationships. The staff has always been proactive in encouraging students to first love God, and then love others. As students grow and depend in social interaction, Grace Baptist Academy assists students to accomplish this task well.


The staff and students at GBA care for the personal and spiritual needs of the students. I especially found this true when I was a junior and senior in high school. My mother had been diagnosed with a critical disease and was in the hospital for the majority of those years. It was a personal struggle for me, and the school reached out to my need by providing a scholarship and moral support. I am extremely thankful for the help that was provided.


I [recently graduated with] a Secondary Education major emphasizing in English at International Baptist College in Chandler, AZ. I find myself prepared for the educational loads I receive, and I have been able to excel in many of my classes due to the foundation in education I received from Grace Baptist Academy.

Andrea Miller, Class of 2010





Thank you for the opportunity to provide my personal perspective on the quality of education and Christian reinforcement I received at Grace Baptist Academy (GBA). While the 40 year duration of this institution as the pillar of Christian education in San Juan County speaks to quality of education and community standing, I would like to share my personal perspective.


I attended GBA from 1980 (K4) until graduation in 1994. GBA provided many academic, athletic, and social opportunities, but most importantly, daily Christian reinforcement. The opportunity to learn from caring and qualified educators in an environment free from the typical societal pressures is impossible to quantify.


The Christian foundation received at GBA prepared me for life as a husband, father, engineer, employee, and employer. The education I received capably prepared me for college and post graduate studies, including a Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Pensacola Christian College (1998), a Master of Business Administration from New Mexico Highlands University (2001), and a Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Purdue University (2011).


In addition, the education I received at GBA provided a solid foundation for a career as a mechanical engineer. I have obtained professional certifications as a Professional Engineer in New Mexico and Colorado. I am currently employed as Vice President of Rokkon Engineering & Inspection with offices in Farmington, N.M., Grand Junction, CO., Denver, CO., and Corpus Christi, TX.


Like any parent, I want only the best for my children. My greatest testimonial regarding GBA is that my three children are current students. It gives me great peace to know that my children are receiving a superior education in an environment that continually reinforces the principles taught in my home.


In my opinion, based on the long history of providing quality education and my personal experience, GBA should be awarded any future accreditation pursued. I believe the Quality Assurance Review team should award this accreditation without hesitation. Thank you for the opportunity to share my opinion on Grace Baptist Academy.

Ryan Malone, Class of 1994







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