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Students in grades 1-12 must regularly attend a church of like faith and practice to that of Grace Baptist Academy and must submit a pastoral recommendation annually.


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School begins Thursday, August 12, 2021


Updated: June 21, 2021

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June 21, 2021


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Updated:  June 21, 2021


Admission to Grace Baptist Academy

Requirements for Admission

·         Many Biblical passages speak of the necessity of Christian education.  Psalm 127:3 says, “Lo, children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is His reward.”  All children belong to God.  That means God should have first claim on them.  It means the education provided for children is of concern to God.  Perhaps the greatest task of parents is to properly educate their child(ren) in a way that agrees with the Biblical prescription.

·         Grace Baptist Church exists to evangelize the lost and to make disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ.  Since Grace Baptist Academy is a ministry of Grace Baptist Church, it necessarily has the same purpose.  As part of this goal of discipleship, we expect all students from first through twelfth grades (and preferably their parents) to attend regularly a Bible-believing church. By “Bible-believing” church we mean one that, in our evaluation, derives its doctrines solely from the Old and New Testament Scriptures rather than resting partly upon something else such as a body of church tradition or the teachings of a latter-day prophet.  To ensure that we accept only students who actively attend local Bible-believing churches, we require a completed ministerial recommendation form to verify the physical and spiritual involvement of both the student and family for all students entering the grades 1-12.

·         If the student is at least age twelve (12), that student must express a desire to be at Grace Baptist Academy and express a willingness to live in accordance with the spiritual, academic, and behavior standards of the school.


Procedures for Admission

·         Submit an application fee, fill out and turn in all required records and complete the required forms. (By September 30 the student should be four years old for the pre-K program, five years old to enter kindergarten, and six years old to enter first grade.)

·         An interview with the school administrator must be attended by the parent(s) and student applicant (please bring completed application and any student records you may have, including achievement test scores, report cards, etc., at this time).

·         Testing is conducted with each student entering first grade or higher, especially in the areas of reading and mathematics, prior to admission and at the discretion of the administration.

·         The administration will review the application information and notify the family whether the applicant has been granted or denied acceptance.  The final decision for admission is at the discretion of the school administrator.  The school board may be consulted for evaluation of an application if deemed appropriate by the administrator.

·         Enrollment for the current or coming school year is not effective until the appropriate registration fee has been paid and any and all outstanding bills to Grace Baptist Academy or other Christian schools have been paid in full.

·         Acceptance is granted by the administration. Pre-payment of registration fees to enroll a student before acceptance has been granted in no way obligates Grace Baptist Academy to formally accept the student.

·         All new students will be on probation for the first quarter.  This time period will allow time for a compatible transition academically and spiritually.


Records Requirements

1)      Birth Certificate – with the official seal embossed thereon.

2)      Immunization records – signed by the physician.

3)      Transfer of Records – include request form.

4)      Ministerial Recommendation – completed and returned by Bible-believing pastor for students entering grades 1-12

5)      Consent & Agreement Statement, signed and returned


Re-enrollment Policy


Current students expecting to return to Grace Baptist Academy should re-enroll during the protected re-enrollment period. Space is made available to new enrollees after this period.




Grace Baptist Academy admits students of any race, color or national origin to all rights, privileges, programs and activities generally available to others.






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